Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Intelligent Design

It must be tremendously frustrating for you in the scientific community to have to repeatedly fend off the proponents of Creationism. (I refuse to refer to it as Intelligent Design since we all know it is merely “code” for Creationism and indeed the “designer” must most certainly be God – how transparent!)

Creationism should not be taught in our schools since it amounts to nothing more than religious dogma. It is merely a highly speculative hypothesis and is not technically even a theory since it cannot and never will be tested or falsified, proven or unproven; by definition a valid theory must be falsifiable. Otherwise, it is just an hypothesis.

By contrast, evolution suffers from none of the ills which plague Creationism.

Or does it?

Unless some scientist somewhere has (intelligently) recreated biogenesis (the origin of life) in a lab (and simply forgot to mention it) I would say that “evolution” is not a proven fact at all; further it is not even a testable, falsifiable theory. Given that, I would have to conclude that “evolution” is not even a valid theory but simply a “highly speculative hypothesis”! To quote Mr. Mirsky of Scientific American (December 2005), I would even say that it is "moronic" to blindly adhere to such a belief system as “evolution” – with absolutely no proof as to its validity. With the lack of evidence to prove this hypothesis, (or experiments for that matter), one might say that it requires a great deal of faith to believe in the hypothesis of "evolution”.

As I stated earlier and as we all know, by definition a valid theory must be falsifiable. Yet, there are no experiments that can prove or disprove Darwinian evolution; no experiment or evidence to prove biogenesis; no experiment to prove or evidence of genetic mutations spawning new species (or even producing improvements in existing ones); the fossil record does not exhibit a gradual evolution of species or support punctuated equilibrium, nor can it be tested; there are no examples of macro-evolution at all, anywhere.

I suggest that Mr. Mirsky's attack on Creationism is merely a diversionary tactic to distract everyone from the real truth: that “evolution” is a joke! I think that those who believe in the hypothesis of "evolution" feel that it’s safer to hide behind “mother earth” than to postulate that there really is a God and that you may someday be accountable for your actions; so they run around with blinders on, mocking anyone or anything that challenges your belief system. After all, it is one thing for the Christian Right to burry their collective heads in the sand, but Scientists?

Never let it be said that the scientific community believes in anything but pure, unadulterated, facts! (Unless it fits their agenda).


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