Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hurricane Katrina: it’s all Bush’s fault!

Only since Bush stole the election in 2000 did the world first experience these heretofore unknown, enormous, vortical tempests (dubbed "hurricanes"), which only now have begun to ravage the innocent people of the earth (and the “little Eichmanns” – right Ward? – of the United States).

It’s all because Bush refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol – which guarantees the cessation of “human caused global warming” – that we all must endure periodic destruction by these never-before-seen whirling, windstorms, or “hurricanes”. Yes, only since Bush was selected, not elected, did humans begin to emit those evil “greenhouse gasses” which has been proven beyond any shadow of doubt to have caused “global warming” and the resulting “hurricanes”.

If only Kerry – (he was a Vietnam war veteran, in case you didn’t know) – had been able to prevent the Bush gang from disenfranchising all those millions and millions of voters, he would have beaten Bush and we’d all be eating mangos under palm trees and clear blue skies, (disrupted only briefly by soft, summer, life-sustaining, rain showers), listening to John Lennon himself sing “Imagine”… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…

(Lennon would have been brought back to life because of the federal funding of stem cell research that Kerry would have facilitated).

If only Bush signed the Kyoto Protocol, then none of this would have happened! He should have signed it just like our European friends did; yes, they signed it alright – they don’t abide by its constraints – but they signed it by golly! And now they, and their environmentalist freaks, can point the finger of blame squarely at that illegitimate “president” Bush – because if only he signed the Kyoto Protocol (just like the Europeans did), then we’d all be safe! Yay for the hypocritical Europeans and the wacko environmentalists – BOO for Bush the evil capitalist, (who hates puppies)!

PS: Where are all those generous, philanthropic countries – who called the US, (the most generous nation to have ever existed), “stingy” – when we are in need? Oh, sorry – they’re hypocrites too!


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