Friday, April 21, 2006

A'ya, we're environmental hypocrites!

"In many parts of our country [Canada], smog days are the new normal."

Here's yet another example of the liberal environmentalists pointing fingers at others when in fact they should be looking in the mirror. Following is an excerpt from which pretty much speaks for itself.

I wonder why however, that it's not common knowledge that the US has made such tremendous strides in cleaning up our environment? Could it be that it fits the environmentalists' agenda - who are in fact more anti-capitalists than pro-environmentalists?

Why are we still looked upon as the polluters of this “pristine” world while the real polluters get a free pass? Well, of course it's easier to blame others for your problems than fix them yourself.


Canada Accused of Poor Record on Environment
By Howard Williams Correspondent
October 14, 2005

Pollution Watch, an international environmental group, said the U.S. reduced air pollution emissions by 45 percent between 1995 and 2003, while Canada's reductions over the same period were only 1.8 percent.

"In many parts of our country, smog days are the new normal," said Rick Smith, the group's Canadian executive director, referring to a particularly smog-ridden summer this year in cities including Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

When that report was released, Environment Minister Stephane Dion admitted the government needed to do more. [Gee, ya think?] Bob Mills, environment spokesman for the Conservative Party, the largest opposition party, hailed the "realistic" approach of the U.S.-Australia-led group.

Mills called on Canada and other pro-Kyoto countries to "broaden the approach and literally admit that Kyoto is a dead dog, stop petting it, and get on with the reality of where the world is at."


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