Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mor publik skule suksessis

Geographically Challenged
A new poll conducted for
National Geographic shows that despite extensive news coverage of Hurricane Katrina nearly one-third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can't find Louisiana on a map, and nearly one half can't find Mississippi.

What's more, sixty percent of those polled couldn't locate Iraq, and seventy five percent couldn't locate Israel. In fact, fewer than 30 percent said it is important to know the locations of countries in the news."

from for·mi·da·Bill:
The answer to the problem of our poorly educated youth is clear: MORE MONEY! Yes, let's throw even more money at the problem! Thank you NEA! You're doing a bang-up job!

Now you see why they oppose vouchers - because they'd be out of business! NO ONE in their right mind would send their kids to these cesspools of socialist propaganda if they weren't forced to! Our kids can’t add; can’t read; can’t write; and don't care. No problem, they feel good about themselves! AND, let’s not forget the all important skill of putting condoms on bananas and that it’s OK for Heather to have two mommies! Yes, let’s focus on the truly important things in life – things that will foster prosperity for themselves and the country – (so they can pay more and more taxes to support this garbage!)

Pretty tough to do if all you know are lies.


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